Let’s talk about SMART goals! 🤓

Have you heard of SMART goals before? A somewhat simple concept in theory, but they can be the difference between achieving our goal or not!

Regular Goal: I want to run a 50k


I want to finish a 50km race in November this year. I’m going to work with a coach, focus on fuelling myself appropriately and will also incorporate strength training to improve my performance and prevent injury. I will keep track of weekly mileage with my GPS watch to ensure I’m not increasing my mileage too quickly. I’ll also keep a journal to track how I feel after each session. I will incorporate a half and full marathon into my training in the months leading up so that my coach and I can gauge my performance and determine if I am on track to finish the 50k strong and injury free.

✨Specific: What exactly are you wanting to do? Be specific!

✨Measurable: How will you measure progress? What tools will you use?

✨Achievable: Do you have what you need to achieve it? Support? Equipment?

✨Realistic: Is the goal actually possible? Do you need to break it into smaller goals?

✨Timely: When do you aim to reach it by? Be as precise as possible.

Do you use SMART goals? Have they helped you before? 

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