The morgan method
- strength

what are you waiting for?

Have you ever wondered...

How it would feel to make it through a training cycle injury free..

How it would feel to run the paces that you KNOW you are capable of..

How it would feel to enjoy your running again!

The MOrgan Method - strength is built for runners just like you!

All for less than a cup of coffee a day

Warm up, movement prep, main lifts, accessory work, and core. Everything you need to Run Strong. No guesswork or piecing together exercises you found on Pinterest.

It’s time to invest in your running. Invest in your health. Invest in you.

6 months of progressive work

Main lifts + accessory work

Compliments your running program

Free to download app with video demos

"Kylie has created an excellent strength and conditioning program for runners. After struggling with some ongoing issues with my achilles, I decided to give The Morgan Method a try. Like anything else, there's a bit of a time commitment, But really this is a small price for being a well-functioning runner. And that's how I would describe having benefitted from this program. "



“I am so glad I decided to use The Morgan Method! Kylie is so knowledgeable and helpful, no matter what I needed she was there to help. I managed to increase my strength, my confidence with heavy weight, and improved my running using Kylie’s Run Strong programme. If you’re thinking about signing up, do it. You won’t regret it!”


“As a runner who has avoided strength training for years, some ongoing lower leg injuries finally made me consider it. The only issue was that I’ve always felt intimidated by it and had no idea where to start, so I’m SO glad I found The Morgan Method. Kylie has developed a program that is accessible to those who have never done strength training seriously before, and I really appreciate that. Not only did the program help me avoid injuries and get stronger, but it also improved my confidence as an athlete. I recently completed my first six month program (which helped me to complete my second full marathon!) and I’ll definitely be signing up again!”

It's time to purchase

The Morgan Method - strength

$ 80 CAD a month
  • Run Injury Free
  • Feel strong during your long runs
  • Remove the guesswork


Less than your daily Starbucks! The Morgan Method – Strength is $80CAD per month for 6 months. This will be set up as an automatic payment from the credit card you use at sign up, starting the day that your program begins – the Monday after purchase. If you change your mind, you can cancel before this date for free. If you cancel after that date, you will be charged for the month that you are in. 

  • Barbell (strongly recommended)
  • Dumbbells or Kettlebells
  • Bands for warm up exercises 
  • Smartphone to download my free app

I have tried to cover everything in the e-book you will download on purchase, but the app includes 1:1 messaging with me if you can’t find the answer. I endeavour to get back to everyone within 24-48hrs. 

If something isn’t working for you due to injury, lack of equipment, or anything other reason you can switch out the exercises in the app. Try and choose something similar eg if you don’t have a barbell for bench press, try DB chest press. Message me if you need a suggestion!

We get tired, we get busy, we have last minute plans. The app is set up so that you can shift workouts in your calendar to a day that suits better. You can also scroll back in the calendar to do workouts that you missed. Can’t make it work at all that week? Life goes on! I want you to commit to at least 80% of your scheduled workouts. Missing a day here or there won’t break you. 

I’m available to answer your questions within the app. However, please keep in mind this is a templated program in order to keep costs down for you. If you need individualized help, consider filling out my 1:1 coaching application. 

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