Do you know your training paces? Or do you just wing it like the rest of us.. Most runners either underestimate or overestimate their paces! 

Knowing your paces can improve your training and make all the difference on race day.

Whilst a GPS watch is a useful tool, knowing how those paces actually feel is even better. This will help you know when you need to slow things down and not burn out too quickly, or when you can pick it up a little!

So how do you know what your paces should be? Find a recent race time and plug it into this calculator. Easy, no math required. 

Easy – eg recovery run, shakeout run before a race, or if you’re just wanting to turn the legs over after a long day of sitting. 

Tempo – 20-60mins, 1-2x a week max,  continuous speed, or progressions. 

VO2max – (training for a race of 5k up to half marathon) interval runs, 1-2x a week, active or passive recovery between intervals

Speed – (training for races 5k and under) Like VO2max runs, but shorter intervals and at a faster speed.

Long run – Long slow distance (LSD). The foundation of our endurance training plan where we build cardiovascular endurance. Up to 3hrs, HR Zone 2 or RPE 2-3, steady & conversational pace

So what are you waiting for?! Plug your recent result into the calculator and watch the magic happen.

Training Pace Calculator

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